13 Most Beautiful and Famous Places To Visit In India

beautiful places in India
beautiful places in India

‘India is a land of Diversity’, this statement holds to be true for a lot of things and beautiful places in India, including the exceptional places and landscapes. A plethora of options are offered by the country, be it mountains, beaches, waterfalls, or valley, you will get it all here, and before planning to explore a foreign land, it is must that you first explore your own.


But what are the beautiful places in India which can be explored? You will find the answer to this question in this article.


  1. Andaman Islands

If you have always yearned for the depth of waters surrounding you, then you must explore Andaman. It is a paradise for all the aqua lovers and offers the best diving and parasailing experience. Moreover, it also has attractions such as Cellular Jail National Memorial, Marine National Park, and much more.


  1. Lonar Sarovar in Maharashtra

Located at Lonar of Buldana District, this lake is one of the most exquisite water bodies in India. This saline soda lake was created due to a meteor impact, and is well-admired by the explorers.


  1. Key Monastery in Himachal Pradesh

Located on the top of a hill, 13,668 feet above the sea level, this Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, called Key Monastery, is a place full of tranquility and calmness. Built in 1855, this monastery was started by 100 monks, and if you want to experience some peace, away from the busy world, then this is the place for you.


  1. Nohkalikai Falls in Cherrapunji

Nohkalikai Falls is a dreamy place, highly liked by the ones who seek adventure. These falls are among-st the tallest plunge waterfalls in the country, and have serene surroundings. A legend linked to its name suggests that a local woman, named Likai, became mentally unstable after a tragedy in the family, and jumped off the cliff, situated next to the falls.


  1. Yumthang Valley in Sikkim

Surrounded by the Himalayas, Yumthang Valley is located in the Northern part of Sikkim. It is a grazing pasture, and is situated 3564 meters above the sea level. This valley is commonly called the Valley of Flowers.


  1. Stok Range in Ladakh

At a height of 11,845 feet, the Stok Range is one of the most popular mountains, and is highly preferred by the mountaineers and climbers. Moreover, this range is also treated as a practice for the Everest.


  1. Kanatal in Uttarakhand

Kanatal is the most appropriate place for the adventure seekers, and it offers the best camping experiences. It has all one can ask for, be it lakes, forests, or streams. Attractions such as Tehri Lake and Kodia Jungle will surely make your visit great.


  1. Auli in Uttarakhand

Auli is famous for Skiing and offers the most exquisite view of the Himalayas. A visit there in the winters will be quite magical, and will offer you an experience of a lifetime. Other than skiing, trekking is also a popular activity in this destination.


  1. Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand

This tiny town of Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful locations in India. Filled with dense green forests, and lush meadows, Mukteshwar is a haven for the tourists. Moreover, outdoor activities such as Rock climbing, Rappelling, etc. will pump up the adrenaline.


  1. Hampi in Bangalore

Being one of the World Heritage Sites, Hampi will connect you with the history of the land. Its architectural beauty and aesthetics will take you to the older times. Magnificent temples such as Virupaksha Temple, Hazara Rama Temple, etc. are a must to see when you are in Hampi.


  1. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu

If all you want is to be surrounded by nature, then Kodaikanal is the perfect location for you. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a complete package, offering lush green forests, pristine waterfalls, and huge hills, all at once.


  1. Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh

Serenity is the USP of this little town called Ziro. Consisting of misty and dreamy mountains, and vast rice fields, this destination is yet to be fully explored by the tourists. However, if peace is what you want, Ziro is the place for you.


  1. Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram is another gem offered by Tamil Nadu. This temple town is a witness of the grandeur of Pallava Dynasty, and still carries their legacies dating back to 7th century in the form of several temples such as Shore Temple, and other monuments, such as FIve Rathas, etc.


The more you will explore beautiful places in India, the more you will become aware of its beauty and glory. Give your country a chance, and it will surely amaze you with its beauty.


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