Read for Five Highest Paid and Richest Sportsman in India

richest sportsman in India
richest sportsman in India

In India, sports are considered highly significant, however, some are given an undue advantage over the others, like Cricket. But, this does not mean that the rest of the athletes are not appreciated, they get sufficient appreciation and are known to earn a hefty sum per year and they become the Richest Sportsman in India. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that in the sphere of highly paid athletes, Cricketers are in abundance.


If you want to know who are the top 5 Richest Sportsman in India, then keep reading.


  1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the star of Indian and International cricket and his fame is rising day by day due to his phenomenal performance in most of the matches. He can be, undoubtedly, called the torchbearer of the Indian sports. Moreover, his name was also featured in the Forbes’ list of top 100 Indian Celebrities, and he was in the third position. His earnings for last year were around Rs.100.72 crores.


  1. Sachin Tendulkar

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar might have taken a backseat from the active cricket, but this does not mean he will be completely separated. He has been labeled as the God of Cricket, and this God earns over Rs.80 crores per annum.


  1. MS Dhoni

The list of highly paid athletes will be incomplete without the mention of MS Dhoni in the Top 5. The cool captain was on the 8th position in the Forbes’ Top 100 Indian Celebrities List, and his earnings have been recorded at Rs.65 crores. Seems like he isn’t just scoring on the field, but in real life as well.


  1. P.V. Sindhu

Finally, someone who is not a cricketer, the exceptional badminton player, PV Sindhu has got the fourth spot in the list of top five highly paid athletes. Lately, she has been winning several tournaments, which have increased her earnings a lot. Currently, her earnings are about Rs.57 crores.


  1. Ravichandran Ashwin

With being on the 23rd spot in the Forbes’ List of Top 100 Indian Celebrities, Ashwin career graph has been showing real progress and he is a rising star. He is on the fifth spot in this list and has been making about Rs.35 crores per annum.


These are the top 5 highly paid athletes in India, who have been not just earning a huge sum but have been winning the hearts of the people by their performance as well.


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