The 5 Stages of Human Life Everyone Goes Through

stages of life
stages of life

These are the 5 stages of Human life we all go through:



When we are infants we are dependent for all our needs on our parents and guardians. We are totally dependent and cannot look after ourselves. This is the most helpless stage but in this stage we learn things quickly. Moreover our society and the people around us also influence us the most during this age. This age is excellent for building strong family bonds.



The next stage is childhood. This is from the age of 3 to 12. In this stage we start exploring the world around us. We make friends, enjoy playing with toys and also play many games for youngsters like hide and seek and cricket etc. This is the most fun stage of life as you have no responsibilities and everything is taken care off by your guardians.



From the age 13 to 19 are the teenage years. In these years you yearn for freedom and rebel against any discipline. Many children engage in relationships in this stage and many others dedicate their time to academics or extra-curricular. This is the age of questioning rules and rebellion and also the stage where you start discovering yourself.



This is the age of maturity and responsibility. In this stage of life you are more inclined to save money rather than spend it. You are married for 2 to 5 years and have small kids who depend on you for everything. In this stage you also have to find a work life balance as you have to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse and also your colleagues. You are more focused on work and providing for your family.


  • OLD AGE:-

This starts when you retire from your work somewhere around 57 to 60 years. This is your retirement stage. In this stage you marry your children and play with your grandchildren. You have more time to relax and indulge in your passions and hobbies, be it gardening, painting or reading. Some call this age as a second childhood as we tend to become like children as our senses and faculties lose their gloss of the youth.


Hope you will remember all the above specified stages of human life and you will make your life more valuable.


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