Read for Six Surprising Fun Facts and Information About Chocolate

information about chocolate
information about chocolate

Chocolate is a wonderful gift to mankind, and there is hardly any person who does not like chocolate. However, tasting delicious and dreamy is not the only thing that chocolate has to offer, it holds much more significance, and has been there for a long time. Check for all the information about chocolate.


Here are some exciting and little known facts about Chocolate, which will surely surprise you:-


  1. Chocolaty Currency

In the ancient times, the Aztacs and the Mayans considered the cacao beans as the ‘Food of Gods’ and due to this mythological significance attached to it, the cacao beans were found appropriate to be used as the currency in those times. So, just like today people carry money everywhere, the ancient people used to carry the cacao beans.


  1. Choco Chip Cookies By Chance

The chocolate chip cookies were found as an accident. It happened in 1930 when a woman called Ruth Wakefield was out of baker’s chocolate while making chocolate cookies. So, she instead mixed bits of Nestle’s Chocolate in the dough, thinking that it will melt and chocolate cookies will be made. Instead, she got a whole new type of cookie, which we now call Chocolate Chip Cookie. She later sold the recipe to Nestle, in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolates.


  1. A Slow Process

Growing cacao beans is not an easy process, and usually, it takes one full year for a cocoa tree to be able to produce enough quantity of pods, which will, in turn, be able to make just 10 chocolate bars of 44 grams. This justifies the higher price range associated with fine chocolates.


  1. Protest for Chocolate

In Canada, in the year 1947, there was a widespread strike led by the Canadian children, opposing the act of raising the price of their beloved chocolate, from 5 cents to 8 cents. The children completely boycotted the chocolates, hence affecting the sales of the concerned companies. Such is the love for chocolate.


  1. The First Chocolate Bar

For most of the time in history, chocolate was consumed in liquid form, and warm chocolate beverages were extremely liked. The scenario changed when in 1847 when a Bristol company called Fry & Son produced the first ever chocolate bar, the one we now delightfully eat.


  1. Chocolate can be Fatal

Theobromine is a powerful stimulant which is found in chocolate in a large amount. As a result, eating insane amounts of chocolate, like 40 standard sized chocolate bars, can lead to Theobromine poisoning, which causes heart failure, acute kidney damage, dehydration, and seizures.


Chocolate is undoubtedly the most adored food item all around the world, and it will be right to say that Chocolate is always a good idea!


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