7 Surprising Facts About Education in India

facts about education in india
facts about education in india

India boasts of being a great country, and it is great indeed, in some areas, however, education does not seem to be one of them. Our education system needs a massive reform, in order to be able to provide the students the apt knowledge that they must have in the contemporary times. Read further to know about the facts about education in India.


We present you with some lesser known facts about Indian education scene, in order to equip you to make the right choice for yourself.


  1. Alarming Enrollment Rates

Only one out of nine students get enrolled in any higher education program after the completion of school. This rate of enrollment is highly disturbing, and it is because of several factors that the students discontinue their education, namely absence of a higher education institution in nearby areas, incapability to pay large amounts of fees charged, etc.


  1. Not Preferred by Foreign Students

The low inbound rates of India clearly show that, in spite of offering comparatively cheaper education, India is not highly preferred when it comes to pursuing any education. This can be because of the relatively low quality of education offered by the universities.


  1. Low Employ-ability

It is saddening to see that the estimates suggest that currently, only 30% of the Indian graduates are considered employable. The absence of practical education and more emphasis on academic portion can be one of the reason for such downfall. Moreover, estimates show that only 1 out of 10 Humanities graduates,  and only 1 out of 4 Engineering graduates are employable.


  1. Brain Drain

Over the years, more and more Indian students have been going abroad for their higher studies. Some estimates show that around $7 billion are spent by the Indian students, to get a degree from abroad, with countries like the USA, Canada, and England, being the most preferred destinations. This phenomena has also been termed as ‘Brain Drain’.


  1. Corrupt Authorities

Cases of a high level of corruption in Universities keep surfacing every now and then. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been accused of pursuing corrupt activities, mainly because of its frequent decisions to give private universities the status of deemed universities, at a rapid speed.



  1. Long Way to go for STEM

Even after such advancement, India still lags behind in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Courses. The research work related to these disciplines is incredibly low compared to the rest of the world, and the universities are not well equipped to impart education in an appropriate manner.


  1. Suffering Rural Education

The children in rural areas are unable to even read or write a basic text, and more than 60% of students lack the basic mathematics skills. Figures show that almost half of the students drop out of school by the age of 14, and get involved in labor work.


It is the time that the authorities contemplate the situation of education, and take the adequate steps, in order to create the best and highly equipped manpower for the country, and to stop the Brain Drain. We have mentioned the best things related to facts about education in India.




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