8 Terrible Movies That Made More Money Than Good Movies

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While some things can be easily divided into Good or Bad in terms of the returns it achieves, Bollywood Movies are quite different in this sphere, because, it is not uncommon to see a terrible and senseless movie making a revenue of hundreds of crores.

If you want to know which are such movies which made huge amounts of money even after being disastrous, keep reading this article.


  1. Dhoom 3

This Aamir Khan starrer had an ensemble cast of mediocre actors, and a loose plot, with Khan’s useless double role. Even after having so many holes in the plot, and being highly criticized by the critics as well as the audience, this movie earned 585 crores.


  1. Happy New Year

Another movie with a variety of stars, Farah Khan’s Happy New Year failed miserably and left the audience unsatisfied, and the critics disappointed by the quality of the movie. However, when it came to making money, it performed brilliantly and made 345 crores.


  1. Bang Bang

A miserable attempt of remaking the International Tom Cruise hit, Knight & Day could not fool the critics, even after casting the very own Hrithik Roshan who comes with the exotic looks and chiseled physique. But when it came to the earnings, it managed to get a collection of 340 crores.


  1. Ra.One

King Khan’s endeavor of bringing into the picture a very own Desi Superhero turned out to be a torture for the Indian audience, and the critics lost their cool. However, the numbers show another story, as it earned a hefty sum of 246 crores.


  1. Housefull 3

While the audience was regretting their decision just after 10 minutes into the movie, yet surprisingly, this Sajid Khan’s creation, with a multi-carrier cast featuring stars like Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh, managed to collect 195 crores.


  1. Rowdy Rathore

Prabhudeva and Akshay Kumar came together to create this misogynistic and senseless piece of cinema. Although every sensible person refused to watch this movie, yet, it earned 206 crores.


  1. Kick

The audience reviews received by this movie were quite worse, and the movie was deemed to be missing substance and character. The movie makers tried quite hard to make a sensible movie but ended up with a mixture of pointless humor and cheap antics. The only thing not disappointing about this movie was its collection, which was 233 crores.


  1. Shivaay

Being an ambitious project of Ajay Devgn, he made many efforts to put forth a phenomenal action thriller but ended up delivering a hard to understand, below average, twisted movie. However, it didn’t fail completely as it managed to earn 146 crores.


Some movies can be clearly bad and intolerable and yet manage to take home revenue in hundreds of crores, is it just dumb luck or some kind of miracle? Probably, we will never know.




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