Addverb Technologies- Delivering the Modern Warehouses of the Future

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Automate your warehouses by leveraging Addverb’s tested technologies formulated to deliver you maximum potential on your business processes.

Addverb offers platform for innovations from and for all areas of intralogistics. Founded in 2016, Addverb Technologies provides Robotic Integration, Warehouse Automation & Industrial IoT solutions by leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies.

The company delivers the best solution based on the requirement of different customers. Investing in company’s Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management will help you make correct decisions for optimising your businesses to meet current and future challenges.

Concept & Need

Following the concept of “Make in India”, the company strives to encourage Indian startups in manufacturing while making India a world-class destination for manufacturing.  Whether you are a small sized startup that requires material handling to carry out plant activities or a medium sized company who need advanced devices to carry out different tasks in production cycle involving conveyor belts, robots, trucks, and software systems, Addverb technologies is for you!

About Addverb

Addverb is the leading company for intralogistics automation solutions to offer you quick returns on investment. The company offers deep technical insight and rich operational experience to integrate Operational Technology & Information Technology to design and implement best-in-class automation solutions. Addverbs products incorporate the latest technologies that can vastly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the intralogistics operations. 

With the vision to transform the entire manufacturing and warehousing scenario in India, Addverb strives to offer latest technological products to warehouses that help them increase their productivity enhancing the speed of their operations.

Addverb’s Products & Services

Addverb builds the following automation systems:

  • Automated Guided Vehicle: Addverbs made their own natural navigation kit- plug-n-play solution that can transform any existing forklift into a driver less vehicle. 
  • Pallet Shuttle: This indigenous pallet shuttle for warehousing operations is best for operating in Indian conditions. It is dust and moisture resistant with battery life of 8 years. 
  • Pick-To-Light: This product, designed and developed in India, is immune to voltage fluctuations typically observed in warehousing environment. 
  • Pick-By-Voice: Named as “Khushi” , our this pick-by-voice device is based on an Text-To-Speech conversion engine powered by AI. Available in 14 Indian regional languages, factories can use this as a voice instructor, in a warehouse, to confirm what has been picked and dispatched.
  • Industrial IoT Solutions: We have expertise in Bluetooth beacon & UWB technology and have developed products extensively around these technologies that can optimise the warehousing and factory operations. Our other services include:
    • Yard Management
    • Dock Management System
    • Warehouse Management System
    • Automated Guided Vehicle to move product around in factories.

Get an access to process automation systems at one-third the cost

Addverb is India’s emerging intralogistics & system integrator. The company goes beyond the conventional material handling system & provides transformational solutions to help its customers improve productivity & operational efficacy with the use of proven technologies & automation, thus making operations Faster, Smarter & Cheaper. 

Addverb offers full spectrum of solutions for intralogistics and modern process management. Under the motto of “Digitally Connecting Indian Startups with Innovation”, the company offers future-capable solutions that meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0, the Internet of Things and the digitalization.

According to Addverb’s founder Mr. Satish, “We were able to scale up because we did not confuse the businesses with our ability to build automation technology; we spoke about the value that we could drive into client businesses over a period of five years,”

Addverb uses advanced technology that includes the combination of robotics and driverless transport systems for change in the man-to-goods order-picking strategy through autonomous intelligent systems. It offers driverless transport systems and vehicles to entire solutions for automated warehouse systems for small and medium-sized businesses. 


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