Know the Countries Where Indians Get Visa on Arrival Easily

Countries Where Indians Get Visa on Arrival
Countries Where Indians Get Visa on Arrival

The lengthy bureaucratic process of applying for a Visa in order to spend your vacations in another country ruins half the fun of it. The piles of documents, long queues, interviews, and waiting for a considerable amount of time to get your visa is quite some work to do. However, Know about some of the Countries Where Indians Get Visa on Arrival Easily.


Do you want to know which are these countries Where Indians Get Visa on Arrival, where you can travel without stressing about the process of getting the Visa? Keep reading to find out.


  1. Seychelles

The islands with exquisite beaches, various kinds of flora and fauna, and crystal clear ocean waters; Seychelles is the perfect vacation destination. And the best part is that it offers a visa to Indian passport holders, on arrival, for a maximum of 30 days. The condition is that they must have a return ticket with them, along with adequate amount of money, and accommodation proof.


  1. Mauritius

A soothing and relaxing vacation in Mauritius, without any hassle of visa procedure, is a dream comes true. Visa can be obtained for a stay of 60 days maximum, given that the person has a confirmed accommodation, confirmed return flight, sponsorship letter, and enough funds to cover the expenses of the stay.


  1. Thailand

For a stay of 15 to 30 days, Indian passport holders can get a Visa in Thailand for around Rs.2500. However, the condition is for getting the visa on arrival in this beautiful country, having magnificent temples and stunning landscapes, is that the Indian tourists must hold the return flight tickets, as well as, at least 10,000 baht for each person.

  1. Maldives

Offering the best Diving experiences and underwater life, along with a plethora of coral reefs, Maldives is a top destination on many people’s bucket list. Fortunately, Indians can experience the pristine beaches of Maldives, without worrying about the Visa. The Maldives offers Indians a visa free of charge, for a maximum of 90 days. The passengers must have the confirmed onward or return ticket, and minimum $30 per day, for each person.


  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a melting pot of culture, and is a must visit destination. All you need is around Rs.2000 for the Visa, confirmed onward or return flight tickets, and adequate funds to cover the stay, in order to obtain the Visa on arrival and immerse yourself in the white sands and tranquil waters, creating memories of a lifetime.


Now, it is time to book the flight tickets and pack your bags, because an amazing, and hassle-free vacation is waiting for you.


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