Best Outdoor Games to Play in Summer

Beating the heat by playing sports outside, under the sun and the summer breeze is definitely the right way to spend your  However, if you are bored with the basic sports and games, and want some twist in the world of games, then you must keep reading this article as we have listed down some of the most amusing and exciting gamin here, that can be played outdoors.


  1. Pickle ball

If tennis and badminton is your thing, why not play a combination of it? Being a paddle sport, this game is a combination of several elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It can be played by two or four players, and the aim is to hit the perforated polymer ball over a net, using softwood paddles. If you want to win it, just bring in your tennis and badminton skills.


  1. Frisbee

Who cannot have fun while playing just a simple game of Frisbee? It is not much competitive, and the aim of the game is to pass the disc to the opponent and score points by not dropping it. To win the game, you must always be on your feet and keep an eye on the frisbee at all times.

  1. Croquet

Beat the heat in a classy way by playing this classic game called Croquet. This game is all about hitting the balls with the help of a mallet and making them pass through the hoops which are fixed in the grass. For being the champion of croquet, learn to be slow but steady and stable.


  1. Ladder Toss

Want something unique, then play Ladder toss, also known as Ball Rope or Ladder Ball. This game is played by throwing two balls connected with each other by a string, known as Bolas, onto a ladder, and the one who makes the bolas pass through it, gets the point, however, the points are given according to the rung it passed through. All you need with this is to be in control of the bola, and keep a sharp eye on the rung.

  1. Bocce Ball

Bocce is also a sport played using a ball. It is kind of a hybrid of French Petanque and British Bowls and is quite fun. To play bocce, all the teams throw their bocce and then all the bocces are measured, whichever is closest to the jack gets point, and it continues like this until a team gets 12 points. For winning bocce, always make sure to throw your bocce with precision.


  1. Corn hole

Corn hole is also called Bean Bag Toss and is a fun lawn game. The players in this have to throw bags of corn or bean bags at a platform which is slightly raised and has a hole in the end. The one who gets the bag in the hole gets the most point, and the ones landing on the platform get 1. This continues until a player scores 21. For this, again, you must be throwing the bag with precision and concentration.

  1. Water Balloon Dodge ball

Why not involve water and balloons and make the games more fun? All you need to do for this is get some balloons and a lot of water and you will be able to play the best game to beat the heat. Moreover, it does not have to be competitive and can be played purely for fun.

  1. Giant Lawn Twister

There is no rule about keeping the fun of twister inside, you can easily bring it out on the lawn and have fun playing the game under the sun. And moreover, you know how to turn the game into your favor, and the added fun will make it more exciting.

All these games are super fun and can be played on a boring summer afternoon or during dusk, at the beach or on your lawn, wherever you want. The ultimate aim of all these is to give you more and more fun.


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