5 Best Shopping Destination and Places in India

best shopping places in India
best shopping places in India

India is known for its diversity, and this diversity is reflected in every element, be it cuisine, food, language, etc. However, the diversity is the aspect which makes the country so rich and full of culture. And with all this richness, comes more and more distinct commodities, which are a dream come true for the shopaholics, read below for the best shopping places in India.


This incredible country has some magnificent shopping destinations, spread all over its land, and we have listed down some of the best shopping destinations in India, just for you.


  1. Mumbai

Be it the conventional street shopping or swiping your credit card at designer stores, whatever you will wish for, Mumbai will fulfill. On one hand, you will find a burst of colors at Colaba Causeway, which is an absolute favorite of the tourists and is the perfect place to go when you have nothing specific in mind and just want to explore. Whereas, on the other hand, you can also find lines of high-end stores, made for the fashionistas.


  1. Kolkata

This beautiful city has everything you can think of. You will get the best of both worlds here, as there are small makeshift stalls, as well as, colossal state of the art shopping malls. A famous market called Gariahat Market is a long serpentine-like road which has all the items that you might want to buy, such as clothes, footwear, sarees, jewelry, and even pets as well.


  1. Goa

The most famous shopping place in Goa, amongst the backpackers is the Anjuna market, located near Anjuna Beach. It is a flea market, and a lot of tourists can be seen roaming around. This is one of the favorite hangout spots of the tourists, and it has various beachside stalls selling artifacts, antiques, and beaded jewelry.


  1. Rajasthan

The most colorful markets can be found in Rajasthan. There is a plethora of ethnic and handmade commodities being sold in the local markets such as Handloom, jewelry, apparel, home decor pieces, miniature paintings, and footwear. Also, a market called Johari Bazaar, in Jaipur, is famous worldwide, for selling quality precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, thewa jewelry, and kundan. The markets of rajasthan have a bling indeed.


  1. Kerala

The hill stations of Kerala, namely Thekkady, Munnar, Wayanad, and Idukki, have the best collection of high quality exotic spices, as well as aromatic teas of different kinds, grown in the tea estates. Also, there is a craze amongst people for the authentic Kerala silk sarees, and to wear along with it, the gold temple jewelry. The shopping experience in Kerala will be quite majestic.

India is a melting pot, housing a plethora of cultures under its roof. All these cultural intersections has resulted in a hybrid culture, which can be seen in the contemporary markets. And this is the reason why shopping in India has become more interesting than ever.


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