BloggerWlogger: A New Platform to Share Your Content- Get Insane Traffic & Income


If you are a blogger looking for the best free platform to share your thoughts in the most appealing way, then BloggerWlogger is for you!

BloggerWlogger is a all new platform ( Blogger community ) created to share ideas, thoughts & content related to any topic & category. The platform helps bloggers & writers increase the visibility of their best content while getting  insane traffic & generating revenue for them. Since the web is already flooded with a number of free blogging sites. It is interesting to see if they fulfill what you are expecting. Some of you may still find traffic generation a hectic task. Its because some blogging platforms don’t offer the features that would allow you to drive traffic to your blog and generate revenue/income. This is when BloggerWlogger is founded.

Founded in the year 2017 by one of the leading Digital Marketing consultant based in India- Mr DP Vishwakarma, BloggerWlogger is more like a content discovery platform that promotes your content & distribute it to the world thereby increasing traffic and conversions rates.

BloggerWlogger basically focuses on:

        Connecting brands to the world, but in the most creative ways using content, videos & graphics.

        Connecting Bloggers and Digital Marketer to the world, in the best and creative way possible.

        Bringing in concept of blog promotion social network for Indian bloggers worldwide.

        Creating a community of bloggers who share their ideas & thoughts together at one platform.

Who can Share content on BloggerWlogger?

BloggerWlogger invites freshers, experienced bloggers & writers as well as college students/alumni/professionals/anyone who wants to write or share an idea about anything around or across India, to share relevant information through the most appealing content based on different specified categories.

Why BloggerWlogger?

After founding a successful  top rated SEO Agency in Delhi NCR, India- KeywordsFly, Vishwakarma feels proud in announcing his all new venture- BloggerWlogger. Vishwakarma has worked with many new startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers.With his all new writing platform BloggerWlogger, Vishwakarma believes that every story, every idea is unique should be made accessible to the audience across the World. He keeps on sharing his views about latest Digital marketing tactics through various interviews & speeches conducted by numerous educational institutes & online magazines.

As per the words of Founder Mr DP Vishwakarma, “I have started my blogging journey a few years ago and I can proudly say that blogging gives me everything which I have never thought of. I always wanted to create a platform where bloggers, writers or anyone having a flair in writing, can share their idea, information, Story into one single platform.”

Since there are already so many other websites including social media where people are already sharing sorts of information and their ideas. So why they should opt my BloggerWlogger ?? Well, here are the points that answer your this question:

        BloggerWlogger is a Approval Based platform and only genuine and unique information will get approved & published. No copy paste.

        Its a Public platform which is promoted professionally by a team of experienced leaders in the industry.

        Its a kind of LinkedIn for Bloggers and writers.

        The platform is open for everyone. Anyone can signup and can read top blogs/article from popular bloggers.

        Its a kind of traffic exchange platform (Version 2 will launch soon) where anyone can redirect BloggerWlogger users to their main website. Good way of promoting your site, isn’t?

        Anyone can raise their voice and read a review about anything from politics to sports to social issues.

According to DP-  “Being an internet marketing consultant, I know there is a big problem in present time for blogger and content writers to earn through writing. Reasons being a huge competition, low writing service charge and low google Adsense earning. So, this platform can be utilised by all such writers to start earning a fix monthly amount by writing and participating in the monthly contest organised by BloggerWlogger team.”

Well this is just the first version of BloggerWlogger. The 2nd version will be live soon with more feature and more focus for higher earnings. So what are you waiting for? Start utilising BloggerWlogger platform and proceed with your journey in writing generating highest traffic & income for you!


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