Celebrate comfort this festive season with Wink & Nod’s mattress in a box

Wink & Nod, an innovative sleep-focused company that crafts premium sleep products for the modern Indian consumer offers mattresses built with cutting-edge sleep technology.

For the average Indian consumer, shopping for a new mattress used to be a hassle. Not only was the distribution model broken, but there was also rampant confusion over product categories from a consumer’s point of view. In addition, the cost was too superlative for something that was not even good. Legacy players like Kurlon, Sleepwell and others were still selling outdated products and could not showcase a real correlation between cost and quality. Overall, there was a lack of innovative and affordable products.

Today the scenario is rapidly changing with online brands like Wink & Nod redefining the way people sleep. Wink & Nod delivers their products to the consumers’ doorstep direct from factory, thereby cutting middle men and mark-ups at every stage of the distribution cycle. Hence the prices of online brands tend to be 25 to 50% lesser compared to offline brands (showrooms).

The company believes that it can distinguish itself through extreme focus on product innovation, international certifications (OEKO-Tex and CertiPUR-US) and patented technologies. Some Indian brands cut corners and use low quality foam and fabrics to sell cheap priced mattresses. But people spend many hours on the mattress, and through the certifications Wink & Nod ensures that the products are not harmful to health in the long run. This gives them an edge in quality and assurance, and Wink & Nod remains one of the few sleep-focused start-ups with quality certifications from renowned international bodies.

The company also offers a unique customer experience by offering mattresses that are cool to the touch especially during sweltering summers. Add to that a 100-day trial policy and free all India delivery within three to four days (in contrast, similar companies take 7 to 10 days, sometimes even two weeks, to deliver a mattress). Wink & Nod’s product return rate is about 4 percent, which is below the industry “standard” of 15 percent, says founder & CEO Sandeep Prasad. That’s proof enough for highest product quality in the industry.

An average 7-inch mattress by Wink & Nod is available for about Rs 13,000, while traditional brands tend to retail at a cost upwards of Rs 30,000. Until now, memory foam mattresses in the market were available only at price points of Rs 80,000 or above. Wink & Nod has made the entry point significantly lower without compromising on product quality. The brand offers wallet-friendly features like 0% EMI and 10 year mattress warranty. Customers also have the flexibility of ordering custom size mattresses according to their preferences. The mattresses are designed in a way that they can be compressed and fitted into small boxes, reducing warehousing and shipping costs for the company. It makes them much more convenient for consumers to handle as well. These are the cost advantages they’re able to pass on to the customer.

About the Brand:-

Wink & Nod is an innovative sleep-focused online brand that crafts internationally certified sleep products that leaves modern Indian consumers relaxed, refreshed and ready to dream. Wink & Nod started selling its premium memory foam mattresses in early 2018 off its website and Amazon. The mattresses are loved by consumers and the company has grown in revenue by 5x in the last 1.5 years. The company also attracted investor interest, and raised an undisclosed seed round in late 2018 from Guild Capital, a US-based VC firm. Today Wink & Nod is one of the highest rated online mattress brands in India and sells its products on its website, in addition to Amazon, Flipkart and Pepperfry.



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