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77 Goa Schools to Get Kindness Game

GOA, January 30, 2019: Goa based startup Earthlings Infotech in cooperation with the Goa Directorate of Education and the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) will be training teachers from 77 Government Schools to use their printed card game Acting Kindly @School. The game teaches cooperation, collaboration and the joys of being nice to each other.

The training programme will take place at the SCERT Building, Porvorim starting at 9:30 am Monday 11th February with Secretary (Education) Smt. Nila Mohanan and Director SCERT Shri. Nagaraj Honnekeri. Also invited to inaugurate the event are project supporters IT Minister Shri. Rohan Khaunte and Secretary (IT) Shri. Ameya Abhyankar.

SCERT has instructed heads of each Government English Medium Middle School (Classes V to VIII) to depute one teacher to attend this positive social impact training hosted by Earthlings Infotech CEO Greg Acuna to learn about and play the game so they can go back to their schools to train other teachers and have students experience it.

Earthlings Infotech is a Goa based game development company who is creating an educational virtual world called Zarbul and a series of Acting Kindly games both printed and for mobile. The Acting Kindly @School edition provides social impact game experiences and helps both students and teachers improve student grades, tackle exams and tame behavioral problems, especially bullying.

Acting Kindly @School is played with decks of cards and Earthlings Infotech and their crowdfunding supporters are gifting each of the 77 schools an Acting Kindly @School “Classroom Pack” which includes 15 decks (for up to 30 players), a 60 page inspirational booklet to integrate the game into core curriculum and take it out into the community for positive impact. The whole thing comes in an attractive sliding drawer box. The donation is valued at over 2.5 lakh rupees.

During the training programme teachers will learn and discuss how Acting Kindly @School is played and how to effectively implement the game in an educational, empowering and fun way for maximum impact for students and schools.

“Learning to cooperate and collaborate are truly keys to success in the modern world. I’m really pleased to introduce a fun and empowering way for young people to learn these life-changing skills,” says Greg Acuna, CEO of Earthlings Infotech.

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