Ethical Ways to Annoy Your Teacher in College

Before you read any further, it is important to understand that sometimes, annoying your teacher can get you into serious trouble, and hence, you should always be cautious. Having said that, annoying teachers is one of the simplest as well as the most complex task there is, and therefore, you need to touch the right point.

Keep reading the article to know how to annoy your teachers, ethically:-


  • Be Late For Class:-


All the teachers expect their students to come on time, and being late would definitely annoy your teacher, as he/she will be interrupted and the flow would be broken. Moreover, if you want to make it more annoying, you can have a little chat with fellow students on the way to your seat, and be totally unapologetic for doing it.


  • Borrow Pen or Pencil:-


Pens and pencils are the basic stationery items that all the students carry, and that is why asking for these supplies in class would annoy your teacher. Without a pen or a pencil, you would not be able to take down notes, hence, the teacher will have to allow your interruption, however, they will be completely annoyed by it. To make it more annoying, you can ask for it more than once in one class.


  • Late Assignments:-


Most of the teachers are extremely uptight about the deadlines and expect all the students to adhere to them. Not following the deadlines would frustrate your teachers and they will be super annoyed by your tardiness. Further, you can keep budging them about telling you the grades, again and again, to intensify the prank. However, do not let this affect your grades in any way.


  • Waste Time in Class:-


Teachers come prepared with a plan in every class, and wasting their time can ruin their plans, and annoy them to a large extent. To do so, you can ask silly and unrelated questions, followed by a long unrelated story behind it, or you can hide the supplies which are necessary for your teacher while teaching, like whiteboard marker, etc.


  • Keep Sharpening Your Pencil:-


Loud and irritating noises are made by the pencil sharpener, and it can become very difficult to concentrate with such noises in the background, therefore, your teacher would be annoyed. To make it more intense, you can sharpen it as slowly and possible, and keep breaking the tip frequently to get more chances to sharpen the pencil.


  • Be Distracted in Class:-


Teachers want their students to pay attention to their lectures, and hence, by not paying attention to what is being taught, you will be annoying your teacher a lot. You can show your boredom by doing stuff like doodling in the notebook, sleeping, talking to others, etc.

All these pranks will surely annoy your teacher and they might even start disliking you, however, always remember not to make a prank serious enough that it starts messing with your grades.


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