Facts You Should Know About The Education System And Their Remedy

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Education is the foundation of every society and hence, it is highly important to make the Education System flawless. However, unfortunately, it is suffering the most and is in a need of radical reforms. Even though some steps have been taken to solve the issues in the recent times, it is still a long way to go.

What are the things that need to be changed? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Rote Learning

Rote Learning has become the main method and the students swear by it, however, this is the most destructive method and is harmful to the longer run, as the students will not be able to retain what they have learned. In order to make the students more capable, rote learning must be replaced with interactive classes and curriculum, in which students will be taught using several activities,in order to help them understand and remember things.

  1. Discriminating Streams

Engineering and Medical are important, no doubt, but that does not mean that every other stream is irrelevant. The students, as well as their parents, need to be sensitized about the relevance of each stream, and the various career options they offer. Limiting the students to just the mainstream courses not just result in making the student feel pressured, but also affects her performance. Therefore, it must be understood that every stream is relevant, and is necessary for the society.

  1. Marking System

Marking a student on the basis of her performance in a three hour long written examination is just not the right criteria. The education system needs to emphasize other avenues of education as well such as participation in class, Teamwork, Leadership skills, Communication, and more. All these parameters must be used while marking the student in order to present a holistic result of the performance.

  1. Variety in Areas of Study

The current education system limits the students and does not allow them to explore new avenues that interest them, as the curriculum is defined and watertight. What needs to be done is a change in this norm, to allow students to pursue the courses they want to learn, by introducing the concept of Majors and Minors, from the school level itself. This way, the students will be able to experience a holistic development.

  1. Tuition Mania

The tuition classes have blinded the students and have the motive of preparing them for the rat race. Moreover, they are not in sync with the method by which the teachers are teaching in school, and this usually leads to a confusion among-st the students. Most importantly, the high fees charged by them proves that the sole motive of these tuition classes is to earn money. This frenzy over tuition classes needs to be changed, and the schools must take action to do this.

Education is counted in the basic needs in order to have a fulfilling life, and hence, it is necessary to take steps in order to improve the system and make it accessible to all.


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