Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy
Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

For a woman, pregnancy is the most blessed period of life. It is the time to take immense care of self to deliver a healthy baby. Expecting mother need to pay close attention to what they eat and avoid harmful foods and beverages. When a woman get pregnant, the doctor would recommend a list of Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy. It is important to follow this list to avoid any kind of negative health, which will eventually effect unborn baby. 


It is quite natural to crave for some mouth-watering dishes, but it is important to be careful and avoid consumption. The food consumed by the mother can directly affect the health of the unborn child.


We now give you the list of food items that should be avoided during the pregnancy period-


  • High-level Mercury Fish-

Mercury is the most toxic element and is known for high level of exposure. Fish carry high-mercury level can be toxic to your nervous system, immune system and kidneys. Further, it may also cause serious mental development in children. Some of the high-mercury fish are-

  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • King mackerel
  • Tuna 


  • Undercooked or Raw Fish-

Never consume raw or undercooked foods. It can cause infection and be viral, bacterial or parasitic, such as norovirus. This infection can effect both- mother and child. Pregnant women are 20 times more likely to be infected by Listeria than the general population. 


  • Eggplant-

Also called as brinjal, Eggplant is common in every other household. It is known for treating amenorrhea and premenstrual disorder. However, it is advised not to consume brinjal during pregnancy. However, you can consume it in few occasions, rather completely banning from the list.


  • Sesame Seeds-

In early days, dry sesame seeds were used as medicine option for causing abortion. It stimulate uterine muscle and causes an expulsion of the fertilized ovum. Doctors always advise to avoid consuming these seeds during first three-four months of pregnancy. Instead, you can consume walnut, raisins and almonds.  


  • Papaya-

It is said to stimulate abortion and so is highly advised to avoid during pregnancy. Raw papaya contains substance called latex causing uterine contractions. It is advised by the nutritionists to avoid unripe papaya during pregnancy.

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