FRINK, A E-Commerce Company launched in Lucknow


Frink India offers an online fashion destination for women and men alike and also for grocery items, Frink India offers a wide range of trendy and fashionable apparel .They have been selling various well-known brands as well as their own in-house brand on their website.Not only this but they have also done their best to bring the product to the customer within 36 hours of order.This E-commerce Company is now only servicing the Lucknow Area but according to the CEO of the company “Ajay Singh”, they are ready to serve Kanpur and Sitapur region very soon. So, after almost 5 months of operations. The company  launched in April 2019. Customers will see some heavy inaugural discounts and offers. So, get your shopping bags and a pair of comfy shoes ready to shop till you drop.

Accomplishments by Frink:

  • In one of the recent updates by CEO of company , the company announced that they will be launching more than 150+ products in fashion and beauty segments within a few weeks. The collection will include some amazing brands to enhance shopping experience.
  • Every month, the company releases a new collection under its label. These apparels come from the finest designers based at their London office.
  • Frink India has started collaborating with other brands of Fashion and Electronics.
  • Frink’s online store also launched an exclusive collection of new Lakme brands for womens.
  • Frink India is updating more brands every month. They bring the customer which is cheap and best for them.
  • Frink India, is collaborating with some local area businesses to keep the work and products

What make it different: –

Frink promises to deliver the product to the customers within 36 hours after successful order place. They have collaborated with some delivery partners and offers heavy discounts for new customers as well as for old customers.

Any Local business can collaborate with Frink to sell their products online with Frink India company.



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