Interesting and Amazing Facts About Cricket You Should Know

amazing facts about cricket
amazing facts about cricket

Amazing facts about Cricket are huge and it would not be wrong to say that people are crazy over this game. During major tournaments and world cups, people all around the world unite and cheer for their teams, and it looks like a massive festival going on. And even though there is a high level of seriousness associated with this sport, yet, it is not without some hilarious moments.


Here are some amazing facts about cricket that everyone should know:-


  1. A Penalty for Missing Church

The first game of cricket ever recorded was in the year 1646, and it has been recorded that the people who skipped Church for playing cricket were fined.


  1. The Longest Match

The duration of the longest cricket match recorded was 14 days, and it took place between South Africa and England in 1939. Even after continuing for this long, the match ended in a tie.


  1. Change in Shape

Pitching a ball through the air was deemed to be a normal act in the 1760’s, and hence, the shape of the bat was changed from a curve to a straight one.


  1. Tough Weather

The game of cricket has been the most disturbed by unreliable weather conditions as Rain and Bad Light has been the most frequent causes of suspending or pausing a match.


  1. Chimpanzees in the Locker Room

Australian batsman Greg Ritchie, during the 1984 Zimbabwe Tour, let loose some chimpanzees in the locker room of the team. He borrowed these chimpanzees just for this prank.


  1. Animals are not Invited

A game was once stopped due to a Pig which entered and ran across the field. In fact, suspending a game if an animal enters the field is considered fair.


  1. Superstition of 111

The score of 111 is called Nelson and is considered unlucky by some superstitious fans. Moreover, these fans have developed a ritual of lifting off one or both feet off the ground, until the score changes.


  1. Guitar over Gear

The manager of New Zealand’s team gave Jeremy Coney $100 once to get a haircut and new cricket gear for his rookie season, but he ended up purchasing a 12 string guitar.


Cricket is a religion in many countries and millions of people have bonded over cricket over the course of years, and what good is that bond if there are no moments to laugh about. This article presented some hilarious facts which you can share with your friends during the next match, and relish them.


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