All Information About Indian Constitution You Must Know

information about indian constitution
information about indian constitution

It will not be wrong to say that the Constitution of India is the backbone of the country, the very foundation on which our forefathers established this country, the one which we proudly call ‘India’. However, the constitution making process was not dull or boring at all, rather, it was quite lively. So one must know all information about Indian constitution.


If you want to know about some interesting information about Indian constitution, keep reading this article.


  1. All Handwritten

The Constitution of India was entirely handwritten, and none of the parts were typed. Professional calligraphers were appointed for the writing process, and for further beautifying the pages, several artists decorated the cover and the borders. All the 48 articles, 12 schedules, and 94 amendments were completely written by hand.

  1. The Duration

The Constituent Assembly, consisting of several major leaders of the time, took a time of 2 years, 11 months, and 17 days, precisely, to complete the process of Constitution making. During this period, several intense debates took place, and it was a hard task to finally zeroing down on the constitution.


  1. Good Omen

The day on which all the members had to sign the constitution, it was raining heavily in the area where Parliament is situated, and it caused several inconveniences to the members who came. However, the members considered this to be a good omen.


  1. The Significance of 26th January

The date 26th January was not randomly picked for bringing the constitution into action, rather, it has a significance attached to it. On 26th January 1930, Congress pledged for ‘Purna Swaraj’ and the seed for Indian Independence was sown. To mark the importance of this day, the constitution was brought into action on the 20th anniversary of Purna Swaraj Day.


  1. Caution in Preservation

The original copies of the Constitution, which were handwritten, have been safely kept in the cases filled with Helium, inside the Library of Parliament House, to ensure that they do not get ruined.


  1. Longest of All

The Constitution of India, with 395 articles, 22 parts, and 12 schedules, is the longest written constitution in the world, and a lot of meticulous studies and researches are conducted on this colossal document.


  1. Aid From Abroad

Some of the most significant concepts of Indian Constitution have been borrowed from other countries. For example, the Five Year Plans (FYP) have been borrowed from USSR, Directive Principles from Ireland, and Fundamental Rights from America.


Indian Constitution is extremely fascinating document, and has stood against the test of time. Our forefathers indeed had a futuristic vision, and created a document appropriate for all times.


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