Some Interesting Facts about Indian Elections for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Facts about Indian Elections
Facts about Indian Elections

Being the largest democracy in the world, India has been extremely active from the very beginning and has elaborate political procedures, Elections being one of them, read here some of the facts about Indian elections. The right to vote has been given to every citizen who is above 18 years in the country, and hence, a huge electorate is present there.


This article contains some of the most fascinating facts about Indian Elections. Read on to get amazed:-


  1. Nearly a Billion Voters

In the last General election held in 2014, about 814 million people were eligible to vote, making the election on the world’s largest elections. Catering to such a massive number of voters requires years of planning and brilliant execution on the part of the Election Commission of India.


  1. Convenient Polling Stations

Election Commission of India has been bringing reforms in order to simplify the elaborate election procedure for the voters, and hence, they ruled out that no voter should have to travel beyond 2 km to get to a polling station, and also, no polling station should get more than 1500 voters. Consequently, they had to set up 919,000 Polling Stations with over 3.6 million Electronic Voting Machines, all over India.


  1. An Attempt to Include All

For the first time in 2014 General elections, the Transgender Community of India was officially recognized and was given the opportunity to vote under a category called ‘Third Sex’ or ‘Others’. This did not exist in any of the previous elections.


  1. Struggles Behind Casting a Vote

Even though the Election Commission is making reforms, yet, there are some areas so remote that they still have to struggle when it comes to voting. For example, in the Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh, the people have to walk for 10-40 km in order to reach to the nearest Polling station.


  1. Costly Affair

Holding Elections on such a large scale is not an easy task, rather it requires a lot of time, resources, and money. It was estimated that the previous General election cost over $5 billion.


  1. Flying Squads for Surveillance

The fundamental feature of the Elections is that they have to be conducted in a Free and Fair manner, hence, special Flying Squads are set up in order to keep a check on the cases of bribing the voters with cash, alcohol, or other desirable things.


  1. Tons of Violet

A mark is made on the finger of the voter after she has voted in order to avoid electoral fraud and vote rigging. For the 2014 General Elections, over 20,000 liters of that Unique Violet Ink was shipped by Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd.


All these facts show how unique and extravagant the Election procedure is, and even though it is quite expensive and time-consuming, yet, there could be no other way a Representative Democracy can function efficiently.


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