Some Unknown and Interesting Facts about Narendra Modi

Facts about Narendra Modi
Facts about Narendra Modi

The current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is a dynamic leader and is one of the most successful statesmen all over the world. He has all the necessary skills to lead a nation, has conquered many obstacles in the biggest democracy of the world, even after having no political background. He lived and is living a fascinating life, and some of the facts about Narendra Modi are quite inspiring.


  • A Wanderer:-


Narendra Modi left his home at the age of 17 and traveled all across India. All this traveling changed his life and enlightened him. Moreover, he spent a considerable amount of time in the Himalayas with the Sanyasis and Yogis, and they inspired him quite a lot.


  • One Man Army:-


Modi never shared his official residence with a family member, be it during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat or as the PM. All his family members live in their respective homes, while Modi lives alone and treats his home as a workplace.


  • Second Most Followed:-


After the former U.S. President Barack Obama, our Indian PM is the most followed leader in the world on Twitter, and his account has over 12 million followers.


  • Work for Advancement:-


During the tenure of Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the United Nations felicitated Gujarat and gave it the title of the 2nd Best State in the World.


  • Tech-Savvy:-


Narendra Modi can be deemed as the most techno-savvy leader of India, and he is active on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Moreover, he has brought various reforms to promote a Digital Revolution in India.


  • Love for Hindi:-


The Hindi language is highly preferred by the current Prime Minister, and this admiration is portrayed by the fact that he always puts his signature in Hindi, no matter whether it is an official document or any other casual thing.


  • Nationalist from the very Beginning:-


While Modi was a teenager, he helped the soldiers, during the 1965 Indo-Pak War, at the railway station, to smoothen their journey. He has been serving the nation from his early days.


  • Photographer and Poet:-


Narendra Modi is a man of many skills and has a keen interest in poetry as well as photography. Many of his poetry in Gujarati have been published, and certain exhibitions were also held for showcasing his exceptional skills of photography.


  • Efforts for Becoming the Best:-


Modi got enrolled in a three-month course on Image Management and Public Relations in the USA. This course assisted him in refining his image as a leader and makes more impact.


  • On Fleek:-


One thing that Modi pays utmost attention to is his dressing style. He avoids wearing fabrics that crease a lot and always keeps his look creaseless and versatile, hence enhancing his aura.


  • Only Work No Play:-


Modi is a workaholic and utilizes all his time for serving the nation. During his CM tenure, he never took a leave and teaches his subordinates to follow this approach as well.


  • Taste for Drama:-


When in school, Modi used to participate in several dramas and plays, and during his teenage years, he also took part in a fundraising drama.


All these facts, as well as his work clearly show how fortunate India is to have Narendra Modi as its PM, and how he came as a savior in a time of crisis, to save India, and serve the people.


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