How Keynotto, the completely Digitized Real Estate portal is Revolutionizing the way Landlords and Potential Tenants Connect

The crisis of student accommodation when traveling for a career opportunity laid the foundation for the effortless methodology of home renting. Just looking at the pictures of the property wasn’t sufficient enough to help people make the big decision of renting.

This was something Mr. Sarthi Bharara has faced himself and he eagerly looked for a solution that can cut short the time and ease the decision. He shared an incident with us that has further triggered him to work on the idea of making renting a trouble-free process- “My friend once received a viewing request from a tenant and he had to visit a different city for that. He traveled all the way to check the property and on departure, he captured some photos and videos of the property. This was done to facilitate the decision of his family as they couldn’t visit the premises. After this incident, I thought why not build a platform where we can show the tenants the estates and neighborhoods that are personally visited and verified. This saves tenants from the subjective vision of the landlords and facilitates the tenants and their families to take a virtual tour of the property through our lenses for an unbiased final decision.

In September 2019, he launched India’s very first completely online property rental platform called “Keynotto”. Explaining the advantages he said, “this real estate portal made renting much easier and safer with the services of online viewing the property through high-quality photographs and a virtual tour of the estates. We also design professional floor plans and offer meticulous descriptions of the listed property. Further, we speak with the landlords to give tenants all the required information. Property visit for the tenants is completely online and are always allowed to revisit the property anytime they want and can show it to their family members.”

He further added- The whole process wasn’t easy for me. I segmented the renting process to find out more about the problematic areas and realized that the photos and videos of the listed properties on the online portal can’t be relied completely upon. There was no single platform that facilitates tenants with personally verified listings to finalize the rental property without having to visit it which can save them time and money. So I came up with this trouble-free procedure of house renting.

“The idea of merging the new concept of video making with property listing was to become the eyes of the interested party”- he explained.

This idea not only simplified the process for tenants but helped landlords as well. Landlords do not have to perform the hard task of uploading photos and receiving inopportune phone calls and sight viewing requests. They only get notified of the new booking after the property is reserved and are given a specific time window to accept and refuse the booking.

Speaking about their business’s future, Mr. Sarthi Bharara says: We want to bring more tenants and landlords on the platform by the end of the year. For now, we are majorly focusing on city migration for mid-to-long term home rental in India but soon we will explore the other parts of the world as well.

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