kPoint Technologies partners with Designs-In-Change to enable Business Transformation through videos

Bengaluru, February 01, 2019 – Furthering its dedication to enable business transformation across organizations through videos, kPoint Technologies Limited is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Designs-in-Change (DICe), an Integrated Business Advisory that solves business challenges across Strategy, Leadership & Performance.

Designs In Change facilitates their clients to navigate business transformation through NWorX – it’s digital work transformation product and through its service offerings. Business transformation, which is DICe’s goal, depends on an organization’s ability to drive and manage change “everyday” and the ability to leverage its unique knowledge assets. kPoint is helping their customers to do that today through their video platform and therefore DICe has decided to partner with them. The kPoint video platform is a key enabler for use of videos in all business functions of an organization.

Following the partnership announcement, Dr. Shridhar Shukla, Managing Director of kPoint, said, “Global organizations are constantly looking to address weakness in everyday change management and leakage of unique knowledge assets that hit both their revenue and profitability. With this new partnership, organizations will have more options to address their specific situation, leveraging kPoint’s progressive video technology and DICe’s extensive strategy consulting expertise.”

Hariraj Vijayakumar, Founder & CEO, Designs In Change, said, “We are partnering with kPoint to bring about shifts in organizational behaviour and culture by bringing in simplified video organizational learning and best-in-class video infrastructure to rapidly connect teams, offices and leadership. We expect the integration our NWorX platform with kPoint to offer tremendous value in organizational change contexts.”

About kPoint
kPoint is a technology company focused on enabling and enhancing the use of video in business. kPoint’s cloud-native video platform helps businesses get more out of their videos by making them engaging, snackable and searchable. Marquee organizations around the world use kPoint as their secure cloud platform for employee enablement, corporate communications, knowledge sharing, support and channel partner development. Organizations also use kPoint’s Video Platform-as-a-Service to power videos in their business applications.

About Designs-In-Change
Designs In Change delivers outcome-oriented solutions – from enhancing value to various stakeholders, enabling complete business transformation, to optimization to achieve the desired goals and increasing successful turn-arounds. The flagship product NWorX, is based on its proprietary framework NETWORKSHIP™ which enables network-centric strategy (thinking), leadership (leading) and performance (doing). NWorX engages continuously with employees and management at organizations and enables them to navigate their journey of change with the support of experts in Organizational Change.


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