MITS- From Managing Your Networks to Getting Certifications in Networking, Broadband & WIFI

Looking for a smarter, error free & better Web solutions at the most affordable rates? Or looking for an easier way to plan your links & wireless networks?  MITS can be your perfect partner in managing your networks & IT needs efficiently at the most affordable costs around Africa.

From network services, delivering best IT products or offering best training certifications in areas of networking, broadband & wifi, MITS excels in all. One can also contact for full stack IT consultation from topology and Network Design to installation, support and after sales service.

Being the number one ICT Service and Consultancy Company in Turkey & Nigeria, MITS can manage all of your networks effectively & efficiently. MITS team of software engineers, based in Africa has many great success stories in developing custom software solutions for the web, cloud and internal requirements. The company feels proud in delivering the most reliable web solutions across globe with 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Wide Array of Networking Products

MITS have partnered with technological giants to offer a vast range of whole sale products like:

  • MikroTik- dealing in the routers and wireless ISP systems for all possible uses – from the customer location, up to high end data centers.
  • Ubiquiti Networks- that develops high-performance networking technology for service providers and enterprises as well offering innovative tech solutions for the consumer market.
  • Cambium Networks- which is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions now that connect the unconnected – People, Places and Things.
  • Wi-Tek- that offers Scalable, Reliable, High Performance Wi Fi devices.

Best Certification Trainings in Networking| Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia

MITS through M.IT.S Academy conducts various certification training programs for Network Engineers, Integrators & Managers in areas of networking, broadband & WIFI.  Anyone from beginners to professionals can enroll into these training programs & get a lucrative career ahead. With over seven different courses of varying scope and level of expertise, this course will help you begin or develop your career in the Broadband (ISP), Enterprise etc. Admissions are open for courses:

  • The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin
  • The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin
  • The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Specialist Program
  • Cambium Networks Wireless Broadband
  • Cambium Networks Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi and,
  • MikroTik Certified Training for Engineers, Integrators & Managers
  • Cisco Wireless training Certification

Till now, the MITS Academy has conducted intensive public or private training sessions and certification tests all around Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Full Stack Networking Services & Consultancy

Tired of worrying about the lack of network visibility? MITS offers full stack IT Service from topology and Network Design to installation, support and after sales service to businesses across Africa. The company offers to fulfill your all networking needs through its:

  • Full Stack Consultancy
  • Network and Link Planning
  • Product Selection
  • Vigorous Training to Staff & vendors
  • Manufactures based certification trainings to beginners & professionals.
  • 24/7 Support both Online or On-Site Remote Consultancy

As per the founder of MITS- “We are not inclined towards one brand & rely choosing the products that best suit your needs, not what the manufacture’s tells us to sell in today’s market. While the technology is evolving as a fast rate, there is always an advantage and disadvantage between brands and we strive to pick the best for your environment.”

About MITS

MITS is a leader in offering full stack IT Service from topology and Network Design to installation, support & training certifications to businesses across Africa. The company helps you improve your business performance by offering onsite technical consulting & best IT solutions through most in-demand products- Networking & Wireless products.

MITS’ official manufacturer-based trainings and certifications in areas of networking, broadband & WIFI is already grabbing so much popularity across the world. Till now, the MITS Academy has provided thousands of MikroTik certifications for engineers from 20 countries so far, trained network engineers, integrators and managers.

Businesses & individuals in Africa can contact MITS for a Networking need!



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