Top 7 Fun Activities and Things to do in Goa

Things to do in Goa
Things to do in Goa

Goa is the most youthful and energetic place you can find in India, and it has a very distinct vibe, one that puts you in a constant good mood. This is the reason why most of the young people plan a vacation with friends to Goa. If you are thinking of vacationing in Goa as well, keep reading this article to find out about the Top 7 Fun Activities and Things to do in Goa.


  1. Take a Stroll on the Palolem Beach

The Palolem Beach in Goa is one of the most beautiful beaches in India, and this silvery beach is perfect for all the beach lovers. It is the most visited beach of the region and the southern part is mostly crowded, whereas the northern part is quiet, and has high tides, and a shallow river. There is also an island near the beach, which can be reached via a ferry ride, and people see dolphins playing in the bay area.

  1. Water Sports

No other place can beat the Water Sports of Goa, and the adrenaline rush during such sports is next level. Activities like scuba diving, surfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, water-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, boogie boarding, as well as fishing, will make your vacation absolutely amazing.

  1. Exploring Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary, located near Molem, is a place you must visit and explore. For nature and wildlife lovers, this visit would be a delight, and the people will be able to find some peace and tranquility in the lap of Mother Nature. Species of Wild animals such as Boar, Sloth Bear, Panther, etc. can be seen here, and there is a wide variety of flora as well.


  1. Experiencing the Nightlife

The people of Goa have an immense love for partying and the Goan parties are undoubtedly the greatest of all time, with their hippie vibe, and quirky music. Leisure cruises and Rave parties are quite common in Goa, and these are the experiences you must have once in your lifetime.


  1. Heritage and Culture

The Goan Heritage and Culture is magnificent and mesmerizing. Most of the old buildings and monuments resemble the architecture used during the Indo-Portuguese period, and the various buildings such as Churches, Bungalows, Convents, Government Offices, and Bakeries over there have an old world charm.


  1. Gamble in Casinos

Goa is known for its Casino Cruises and it openly offers you a chance to risk it all and gamble your heart out. Moreover, if you are not fan of the classic ones, then Machine operated casinos are also available for the people.


  1. A Journey of Holistic Healing

Goa will offer you several Ayurvedic options for healing and well being, such as Yoga and Reiki. Become a part of such programs and experience the magic of healing, surrounded by serene beaches and lush green lawns.


Goa Vacation must be on your bucket list, and if your plans actually get successful and you end up going to Goa, these are the seven things you must try there, in order to have a fun time.


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