Puma: A Soldier’s Dog


Puma, recently released by Quignog (A Pirates Imprint) publication, is the story of an Indie dog’s will power & perseverance and his journey to becoming an Indian army canine commando. Richa Kashyap, the author of the book, says “Puma’s story is meant for everyone, not just dog lovers. It’s a very simple story that talks about how grit and determination can help one overcome all sorts of prejudices and discriminations. The main protagonist of the story is Puma, an Indie dog, because, unfortunately, Indie dogs are the most discriminated against breed when it comes to dog adoptions.”

Richa Singh Choudhuri, Founder – Bowsome Retreat and an active animal welfare worker in Ahmedabad who is organizing the event says, “I am glad that we are celebrating Bowsome Retreat’s 2ndanniversary with this wonderful book. Bowsome has been a half-way home to over 200+ dogs so Puma’s story, which is a pro adoption story perfectly fits into our theme. I am hopeful that Puma’s story would bring the cause of adoption and the fact that ‘dogs are family’ in spotlight. This book also touches upon several key issues such, neutering, induction of Indie breeds as working dogs in different organizations, and more.”

Mukund Sanghi, Founder – Pirates Publication says, “Puma, is a not story. It is a work of love and passion. Not many of you would have read a book from a dog’s point of view. This is a perfect example of how a well written book can cast a spell on its readers. I have rooted for Puma, and so will you.”

About the book – Puma:  A Soldier’s Dog

An indie pup, looking for food, enters a cantonment area one day. A pack of dogs, led by their vicious leader Sir Kattapa, thrash him for entering their territory. But the same night, he meets his Dadda and his life changes forever. Puma, as he is fondly called, then on, only dreams of becoming a soldier like his Dadda. A soldier whose aim is to save lives, not take lives. A sudden terrorist attack on his Dadda’s unit gives Puma a chance to prove his mettle. Puma’s journey of transforming into Commando Puma is a tale of adventure, fun, hard work, sacrifice, love, and hope. The author of this book, Richa Kashyap, is an IT Communication Professional, an army wife, and mother to two Indie dogs: Mars & Pluto.

About Bowsome Retreat & its founder

Bowsome Retreat is a luxury vacation home for pet dogs and a half-way-home for abandoned dogs. The founder of Bowsome Retreat, Richa Singh Choudhuri has been actively involved in the adoption of over 200 dogs across India. She is the chapter head of Gujarat for Freagles of India campaign, which has given a second lease of life to beagles released from pharmaceutical laboratories.


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