Reasons Why Football Is Better Than Cricket

why football is better than cricket
why football is better than cricket

Be it Football or Cricket, both of them are capable of connecting all the people in the world, and bringing them together during the World Cup season. However, it has been observed that why Football is better than Cricket.


Reasons that prove Why Football Is Better Than Cricket, check it out:-


  1. Global Phenomena

Football has a worldwide presence as there are 211 International Men’s Football teams currently, which are affiliated to FIFA, whereas there are only 125 International Cricket Teams. Even the country which founded cricket, England, is more crazy about football now.


  1. No Weather Issues

Cricket requires the perfect weather conditions in order to hold a match, and attention is given to every element of the weather such as humidity, heat, dew, etc. Moreover, when it rains, it becomes impossible to play Cricket. On the other hand, Football can be played in any weather, be it rain or hail, football never stops.


  1. Perfect Duration

No one these days have enough time to spare, and this is why football is the perfect sport to watch. A football game is around 90 minutes long and can be easily enjoyed, even when you are short on time. However, a cricket match demands 5 to 6 hours, and let’s be true, nobody has the patience to sit for this long.


  1. Ad-Free Experience

The most annoying part of cricket is the commercial breaks after the completion of an over, or a wicket, or some other interruption. This interrupts the flow of watching, and it is one of the reasons why the matches are so long. But, football is pure fun, with two 45 minute halves, aired uninterrupted.


  1. Simplicity is the Key

90 minutes of pure entertainment, with some twist and turns every now and then, this is how one can define football. Its simplicity is the charm. While, coming to cricket, it is as complicated as a sport can get. With several distinct kinds of matches and complicated pieces of equipment and uniform, following cricket becomes rather a task than enjoyment.


  1. Lesser Technology

There have been not many considerable upgradations in football since the time it was invented. It has always been about a ball and the goal. But when it comes to cricket, several types of equipment are essentially required. Super Slow Mo, Snickometer, DRS, Rev Meter, and many more such apparatus is highly necessary, and makes the game more complex.


  1. The Ensemble

The all-white uniform for test matches is hands down the most boring outfit one can utilize for a sport. Moreover, even the other country-specific uniform is quite dull, with a plethora of safety gear and sponsors’ logos. While in Football, the uniform is more comfortable and practical and is designed to provide utmost support.


Although both these sports hold a special position on the world stage, yet, Football is better than Cricket, undoubtedly, and the above-mentioned reasons justify it adequately.


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