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SanjytSyngh Interior Design Services offers top designing services for a number of client range from residential to retail, corporate to commercial across India. SanjytSyngh is a top-notch designer company based in New Delhi that strives to envision your home spaces while bringing the sketches to reality.

Whether you want to renovate your plush house, residence, penthouses or looking to create a corporate office, gold gym and even a restaurant, SanjytSyngh consultancy will guide you in creating your dream project irrespective of where you are located.

About SanjytSyngh Design Consultancy

SanjytSyngh, named after the designer, is a New Delhi-based design consultancy dedicated to creating luxury spaces for your home. The consultancy works in creating bespoke & sophisticated spaces that are a visual delight yet functional.

The designer with his vast knowledge & experience uses the power of layering different textures and mediums to create a space that reflects the personality of its users, by working with his exclusive team of craftsmen and vendors from across the world to deliver a functional work of art. They aim for perfection in every inch through detailing every millimetre. According to them, a perfectly tailored, polished and precise space reflects who you are.

The SanjytSyngh designer consultancy was founded by SanjytSyngh who is extremely passionate about designs. He studied Design and textiles at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of Arts London. He has had the privilege to work for and work with some of the renowned names in the world of Interior Design.


The Studio’s expertise is applied to a range of services from residential to retail, corporate to commercial. Their strength lies in their out of the box thinking that includes:

  • They work with the sophisticated spaces that need to be curated!
  • According to the studio-“Everything should have a story!” They emphasize on creating different stories.
  • The studio makes sure no two designs in a home are similar. Simply they DO NOT repeat designs!
  • They work with plenty of ideas.

The process of Designing They Follow to Make Your Dream Home

SanjytSingh Expert Designing team is devoted to applying our philosophy to design. After taking an appointment with their designers in their New Delhi based studio, they envision your space. They design your home spaces, taking over different disciplines of designs mentioned below:

  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning & Design
  • Turn Key Contracting & Project management
  • Furniture Design & Manufacturing
  • Product Sourcing
  • Interior Styling
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Bespoke Arts & Installation

SanjytSyngh Published Work & Achievements- From The Press

Every design by SanjytSyngh tells a story. His most of the designing Stories are expressed through different mediums- web & magazine.  According to SanjytSyngh-“Even though we design spaces, our involvement crosses over different disciplines of designs mentioned below, combined with our strengths to bring sketches to reality.”

Here are some of his published work & achievements:

  1. SanjytSyngh Design Ideas has been featured in Good Times under the title-“10 Decorating Trends that will define the way your home looks in 2019.”
  2. His most beautiful home designing projects were also flaunted in a popular Sunday Magazine by Indian Express.
  3. SanjytSyngh feels proud being ranked in the world’s top 100 Designers by Andrew Martin Magazine.
  4. His work is also showcased in the Livingetc Home Magazine for Modern Living.
  5. His design ideas have also been published in under stories- “Designer SanjytSyngh’s Delhi Home is Bold & Beautiful”, “5 stunning colour combination for your Bedroom Walls” and many more.

When imagining his own home, interior designer SanjytSyngh took a different approach from the norm. As per his words- “I did not have the end result in mind when I started, but I knew I wanted my home to focus on the art and sculptures I have been collecting from my travels.”

He further explains how he designed his home – “Each room features a base colour uplifted by layers of detailing and vibrant colours that connect different corners. The final creation has surpassed my expectations. There’s an element of surprise in every line of sight.”


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