Sharda University & Cosmo Stem Institute Of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Have Started Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Courses

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Sharda University, Greater Noida, India &
CosmoStem Institute Of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine ( A Brand Of StemMax Research & Therapeutics Pvt Ltd ) Shook Hands Together to start Various Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Courses . From to Post Graduate Diploma And Certificate Courses in Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Medicine.

Prof. G.R.C. Reddy, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Parma Nand, Dean(SET), Register Amal Kumar, D.L.N. Shastri, Director, Corporate Affairs & Strategy, Dr. Saurabh Kumar Jha and other senior officers of Sharda University have shared their insight and said this is uptime in Biotechnology and Healthcare and definitely Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine is future of Healthcare and Medicine .

Founder of CosmoStem & Chief Scientiific Officer Prabhu Mishra & Dr Deepti Dua respectively Said it’s great privilege to start such an academic program towards betterment .

Objective Behind Starting Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Courses is :
The study of regenerative medicine has the potential to help scientists and clinicians devise early-intervention treatments for traumatic injury or degenerative diseases, by regrowth or replacement of cells or tissues. Originally an outgrowth from the field of tissue engineering and defined as the practice of replacing damaged tissues and organs or stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal, regenerative medicine has now expanded to encompass the use of stem cells for modelling disease as well as autologous transplant and therapeutic delivery of functional molecules, the production of tissues and organs in a dish, the role of immune function in tissue repair, and the burgeoning area of biomedical engineering. Regenerative medicine is highly cross-disciplinary and serves as a bridge between basic science and clinical medicine Said by Sharda University Luminaries.

Regenerative medicine is an exciting and multifaceted new development in the world of medical treatment. It promises novel therapeutic approaches to replace or restore the original functions of tissues, functional systems or even entire organs.

The field also includes stem cell and gene therapies, tissue engineering and materials science. Indications range from wound healing and tissue transplantation to curing damaged organs and even entire diseases, such as cancers, genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases told by Dr Deepti Dua, CSO, CosmoStem.

Prabhu Mishra said it’s great amalgamation of Industry and academia collaboration for students . They will get better opportunities to learn latest advances , practical’s , novel technologies. students will get the opportunities for industrials research to academia platform to translate ideas to their innovation & newer technologies. We are very much hopeful with this collaboration students will come with in-house technologies, new medtech companies and take out university and country to global level in stem cell science .

Stem-cell and gene therapies represent a major revolution in medicine. They also represent a revolution for patients, shifting the focus from treatment to healing. While, for now, the bulk of the innovation will continue to come from chemical and biological compounds, we see a growing pipeline of stem-cell and gene therapies that will play a role in the pharmaceutical market of the future said by Dr Parmanand , Dean SET, Sharda University.



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