Students are safer now – with BRÜNHILD’s smarter Safety System.

Students are safer now – with BRÜNHILD’s smarter Safety System.

BRÜNHILD Launches India’s 1st Preventive Safety Alert system for Schools

Gurgaon: January 7th, 2019 – Today, at a school event, BRÜNHILD announced its new age Security product specifically focussed on the safety of Students in while in Schools and travelling.

The product has already been demonstrated to more than 30 schools across India to get the inputs from schools before this launch. This product has various sensors and AI based technology to make it smarted Preventive system, said Mr.Siddharth Chadha, CTO of the company. We had been researching for creating a preventive security product which is the need of times as the brutal incidents are increasing in schools day by day and current systems are not capable to Identify and Alert about such incidents, he Said. This system Alerts the school when it “senses” that some thing might be going wrong, in real time.

CEO Mr.Ashish Puri, while announcing the product launch, said, we already have roadmap for next 3 years and are already working on integrating AI based Intrusion Detection and Alarm system. The Health Safety is already integrated ahead of plan and will be the part of current solution.

BRÜNHILD Security is developed by a Gurgaon based telecom and IoT startup established in year 2016.

For further information, please write to or call Vinod at 9717103636


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