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Oranate Solar

Life is full of possibilities, the world is massive… and the sky is still unexplored. Sometimes, we just have to look around for the solutions to the problems around us. Look to your right, left, forward, backward and sometimes, up as well.

As the summer heat intensifies, temperature across India is soaring to 50 degree celsius. It’s not just a heatwave, its a ‘severe’ heatwave and is having repercussions on people’s health causing heat illnesses and strokes. Thinking of a future where heatwaves like these are the new normal isn’t exactly a comforting thought, but like all things there is no reason to dwell on what is going wrong in the moment but what we can do to make it right. Sometimes you don’t have to look too far for the answers and they are right in front of you. You really only have to look up.

It’s no secret that pollution from fossil fuel is a strong factor that contributed to the severity of the heatwave we’re witnessing across India this summer. While oil, coal and gas might have gotten us to where we are today, there is no reason that they have to be drivers that take us into tomorrow as well. Especially when we have an abundant source of energy – the big fireball burning with such high intensity that can power our lives and our economy.

To say that solar power is growing quickly is like saying Facebook has taken over lives. In 2018, India installed 8.3GW os photovoltaic capacity and this number is growing by astounding 50% since last year. At the same time, solar is becoming more and more affordable with the cost of systems falling. With solar energy growing and helping us move toward a future economy powered by clean energy, what is holding us back?

Every single solar panel that we install will take us one step closer to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Ornate Solar is a leading distributor of solar panels and inverters across India and was built to be a catalyst in India’s solar journey by brining the latest technologies of solar products available to the Indian consumer. It has contributed over 300MW to India’s solar capacity.

With more investments and developments in technology, solar keeps growing and we can look forward to a future where we will no longer have to face heatwaves and will be able to enjoy the cool breeze in the summer.

Let’s choose to go solar today.

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