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You need food to survive and you need it every day, but if you choose wrong eating habits and don’t take a healthy diet it can lead to many complications and health issues.

You should try as much as possible to have a balanced diet.

A balanced diet consists of fruits, vegetables, low-fat or fat-free dairy, whole grains, protein and fats, but it limits cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats and sodium.

Some bad food habits you should kick immediately are:-

  1. Caffeine Intake

If you are addicted to coffee you cannot imagine a day without it. You keep having coffee at regular interval all throughout the day and this has toxic effects on your brain. And when you try to kick the habit your serotonin levels fall and this causes anxiety, irritability and depression.

This is a bad habit that you should quit as soon as possible.

  1. Too much sugar

People are consuming 16 tablespoons of sugar per day these days. The basic thing sugar does is that it effects your serotonin levels. Serotine regulates sleep cycles, controlling pain, carbohydrates and digestion.

Low levels of serotine cause depression and as the arterial pressure rises so does the cortisol

This can also increase thyroid hormone production and cause problems for your digestive system.

These problems include running the risk of having reproductive, fertility, and involuntary abortion problems.

  1. Alcohol

We all know that alcohol is a depressant.

Even then, we’re all tempted to drink a few glasses more without realizing the consequences.

And after that, there’s that infamous hangover the next morning.

Alcohol, besides just being a depressant, is also a stimulant.

It suppresses your glutamate neurotransmitters. But, at the same time, it increases neurotransmitters that inhibit your immune system.

This causes your thoughts, speech, and movements to get slower. And the more you drink, the stronger you will feel the effects.

This is the reason that people appear aggressive or impulsive after drinking a little alcohol. As you can imagine, this can very negatively affect your mental health.

  1. Eating fried food

In today’s fast food culture, almost everyone is addicted to fried food, be it burgers, chips, fried chicken or pizzas. We all enjoy having these food and the chemicals in them give us a temporary high too but we should realize that these fried foods are really bad for our heath and can cause obesity, heart problems and depression.

Fried foods are cooked with hydrogenated oils. They also contain trans fats which hurt your body and make you gain weight.

  1. Too much salt

Salt increases your blood pressure. This makes your heart work harder than normal.

The most common problems because of excessive salt intake are Depression, tiredness, hostility, resentment and frustration.

Salt is a necessary ingredient and should surely be in our diet but not in excessive quantities.

Food becomes tastier with salt. However, you should know that gradually having less salt in your food is very helpful.

  1. Not taking Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some people though don’t like taking breakfast in the morning and this harms their body and metabolism.

If you don’t give nutrition to your brain every morning it reduces brain functions and general health.

If you’re prone to suffering from depression, your brain needs all the energy possible to keep you up.

Not having breakfast also reduces hunger and leads to unhealthy and irregular food habits which ultimately harm the body.

  1. Emotional Eating

Many times when we are stressed we tend to visit the fridge. This emotional eating leads to excessive calories and overeating.

We need food to survive, but intake of food in quantities more than required leads to obesity, blood sugar and diabetes.

It is imperative that we stop emotional eating and substitute foods like fries with fruits and fresh juice.




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