ZOOTOX Emerging as the Best Pigmentation Cream Brand in India

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ZOOTOX in association with MediSpa Dermal Sciences has recently launched its range of skin care products in India that are highly trusted and recommended by renowned Dermatologists. 

ZOOTOX’s products are formulated with international ingredients; each of one is most suited & appropriate to treat Pigmentation, Hyper-Pigmentation, Melasma, Freckles, Scars & other type of skin blemishes.

ZOOTOX is being associated with MediSpa Dermal Sciences that excels in the field of research and development of extra-ordinary & quality skin care products. The mentioned organization not only excels in researching about skin care products, but has successfully manufactured laser machines for skin treatments and hair removal. The brand also runs many skin care clinics and has offered training sessions to many professionals in India & abroad.

What is Pigmentation & How to Get Rid of Them?

Out of the many skincare problems that present day generation faces, pigmentation can be quite damaging and has adverse effects on both your appearance & self-confidence. Dark spots, patches on face can affect your look and it’s hard for you to hide them with makeup. So what exactly is pigmentation & what causes it?

Pigmentation is a type of skin condition where uneven, dark patches appear on the skin. The main reason of pigmentation is the abnormality caused in our skin cells called melanocytes which produce melanin to give the skin its colour. An issue with melanocytes leads to imbalance in production of melanin which in turn causes pigmentation & dark spots to appear on skin.

There are various types of Pigmentation, some being caused by sun exposure and some from injuries and trauma to the skin. Acne and pimples are the reason for such type of pigmentation. There is another pigmentation known as Melasma that occurs as a result of hormonal changes that are commonly related with pregnancy and birth control pills. These cause dark spots on the face. 

One of the easiest measures to prevent pigmentation is to protect your skin from harmful sun exposure, avoiding going in peak noon time, covering the exposed areas and wearing a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF.

Pigmentation Treatment requires extra-ordinary products that have the ability to give effective anti-pigmentation results and ZOOTOX understands this. 

Best products by ZOOTOX to Reduce Pigmentation

The ZOOTOX range of products includes:

  1. Anti pigmentation cleanser
  2. sensitive skin face wash
  3. anti pigmentation toner
  4. anti pigmentation day cream
  5. Repair Serum
  6. Target White Pigmentation Repair & Skin Lightening Cream
  7. Wrinkle Filler Stem cell Serum
  8. Anti-Wrinkle & Stem Cell Kit

What does the Customers has to say about ZOOTOX?

The ZOOTOX skin care products protect you from the sun’s harsh elements with a powerful skin defender. Each product by ZOOTOX contains broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to help protect against everyday sun damage.

A customer shares her experience of using ZOOTOX-

 I have spent 3-4 lacs to treat pigmentation for years & nothing worked out & couple of months ago I found ZOOTOX brand offering best pigmentation cream in India & I ordered Repairer serum. Within 2 months, my pigmentation reduced to almost 50%. I am grateful to Zootox – Vani Patel, Chennai.

ZOOTOX clinical trials reveals that over 92% of the customers have successfully able to treat pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, freckles & acne scars on their face by using Zootox Pigmentation Repair Products including Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream, Serum & Night Repair Cream. 

What Results You can expect with ZOOTOX?

  • Pigmentation Lightened by more than 70%
  • Freckles reduced by more than 50%
  • Acne Scars reduced by 30-40% in the first month
  • Tanning removed completely
  • Skin Tone Lightened Visibly
  • Best pigmentation creams to reduce dark spots 


ZOOTOX is a trusted pigmentation treatment home care brand offering the finest of products to take care of your beautiful skin & protect it from harmful rays of sun and pollution. ZOOTOX products are made of high standard & international result-oriented ingredients.

Associated with MediSpa Dermal Sciences, ZOOTOX skin care brand specializes in Pigmentation Treatment Products that are FDA Approved; FDA being the highest mark of quality in skin care.


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